ZeoGas has already licensed from Air Liquide and ExxonMobil the individual technologies that Air Liquide now licenses together through is “Gas to Gasoline” offering (G2G). With negotiations already underway for long-tenor supply from dedicated methanol and gas-to-methanol-to-gasoline assets, ZeoGas is also developing opportunities to use Air Liquide Methanol to Propylene or MTPTM technology to supply both dimethyl-ether (DME) and then polymer-grade propylene with similarly purpose-built assets.

Natural Gas to Methanol Production - Air Liquide's MegaMethanol Technology

ZeoGas has secured a license for the Air Liquide - Lurgi MegaMethanol technology to produce 5,000 metric tons per day of Grade AA methanol. Ten such MegaMethanol plants operate today around the world, with two plants current in construction in both Texas and Louisiana.

The MegaMethanol technology, which is part of Air Liquide’s proprietary Lurgi technology portfolio, generates optimum syngas composition, required for downstream methanol synthesis and production. MegaMethanol is a proven and efficient technology. It requires lower investment per metric ton of production capacity than other methanol production technologies and the lowest cash cost of production.

ZeoGas already has in process both permit applications and basic engineering for what is essentially the replica of existing reference MegaMethanol plants.

Oil Pipe - Methanol Production
Methanol to Gasoline: ExxonMobil's MTG Technology

ZeoGas has also secured a license for the ExxonMobil methanol to gasoline technology (MTG) to produce just over 16,000 barrels per day of motor-ready gasoline. Having developed its now well-proven MTG technology over 30 years ago, ExxonMobil awarded ZeoGas a license to use its MTG technology prior to announcing its relationship with Air Liquide, through which the MTG technology is now available as part of Air Liquide’s G2G integrated gas-to-methanol-to-gasoline solution. A similar plant operated in New Zealand for 12 years with 96% uptime. MTG is not Fisher-Tropsch, but instead employs shape-selected zeolite catalysts to dehydrate the methanol and produce primarily ASTM-spec gasoline with zero sulphur and ultra-low benzene.

Methanol to Propylene – Air Liquide’s Lurgi MTPTM Technology

Paired with the MegaMethanol technology that ZeoGas has already licensed, Lurgi MTPTM technology would enable ZeoGas to supply 1,500 tons per day of polymer grade propylene. The process begins with DME, which itself can be supplied as final product. The Lurgi MTP™ operates as a much lower cash cost of production compared with crude-based processes such as naphtha cracking, metathesis or propane dehydrogenation (PDH), as well as a simpler and less capital intensive production processes.