ZeoGas Clears the Way to Clean Methanol

ZeoGas will manufacture the essential ingredient to fuels and plastics by processing clean methane sources i.e. natural gas, instead of refining crude oil. Our single-product, purpose-built facilities will produce an in-demand product, create sustainable returns for investors, and eliminate the adverse environmental impacts of crude oil refining for methanol.


ZeoGas employs the proven Air Liquide MegaMethanol technology to manufacture methanol from clean natural gas in an efficient single-product process, eliminating the economic inefficiencies and undesirable byproducts inherent in crude oil refining. Methanol itself is an excellent, high octane fuel that is chemically sulphur-free, and the manufacturing process qualifies for “minor source” air quality permitting in the United States. Gasoline, olefins and propylene are easily manufactured in similar single-product processes, producing high-octane clean gasoline with virtually no particulate emissions in its combustion.

ZeoGas’ initial project is a shovel-ready natural gas to methanol plant near Port Arthur, Texas – in the heart of the most liquid natural gas market on the planet and with multi-model access to local and global product markets. The site was selected to allow adjacent development of additional methanol and methanol to gasoline and/or plastics assets.  ZeoGas has engaged world-class partners to ensure not only reliable construction and operations of this initial plant but enable its broader intent to develop a substantial portfolio of gas conversion assets to materially displace crude oil refining.


Our thesis is grounded in the principles of the energy transition, delivering fuels and plastics that enable and sustain our quality of life while cleaning-up the global energy supply chain.